Bringing communities together


We want to ensure that families, in our community have access to local facilities and provision.
We want to inspire families to live healthy and active lifestyles, through projects and facility development.

Every child and family should have access to high quality sports provision, education and facilities.
We want to bring communities together, offering equal opportunities for all.

How we achieve our mission

We will work with vulnerable children and families to offer opportunities to participation but also support with food, meals and home learning. We will also reach out to local families and engage them in projects and events which focus on physical activity and healthy living.

Further to this we will manage and run Nomansland Recreation Ground. This facility is open to the public, 24/7, free of charge. We hope to develop the site into a hub for the community, something they can be proud of and spend time as a family, being fit and active.

Nomansland Recreation Ground

We hold the lease and own the Clubhouse, Tennis courts and Skatepark at Nomansland Recreation Ground. We run this facility for the local community, opening it up for events and regular day to day use.

We hope to further develop the site and the activities held on the facility to bring the community together, offering a wide range of opportunities to the community. We hope that we can foster an environment to encourage lifelong participation.

Our charity

We are constantly searching for funding for projects to develop and expand our work. We hope to have some more news on this very soon!


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